Connecting with a member of the IITB-WashU executive MBA admission team should be your first step in this process. The mutual objective here is to discuss your immediate and future career goals and aspirations and to establish an on-going professional relationship. This discussion will be the right time for you to get all your questions answered by us. Once you are clear about the details of the executive MBA program and what it entails, one of our team members will guide you through the next steps in the admission process.

We are accepting applications on a rolling basis.

admission criteria

The EMBA admission decisions are based on each prospective participant’s professional qualifications and achievement. Ideal candidates meet the following criteria:

Bachelors degree from a UGC recognized university.

7+ years of work experience.

5 years of managerial experience.

Excellent English language skills.

Satisfactory performance in a structured admissions interview.

Admission Requirements

Executive MBA minimum admission requirements include:

  • Copies of your degree certificate(s) and mark sheets. Please carry your documents with you during the admission interview.
  • A commitment letter from your organisation (Sample Letter).
  • Two recommendations for admission forms (Recommendation Letter Format).
  • Level of proficiency in English as ascertained during the admission interview and/or valid TOEFL/ IELTS scores. Alternatively,TOEFL/ IELTS scores can be emailed with other supporting documents to the program office.
  • In addition to the above, applicants are assessed on the basis of:
    1. Quality of work experience, nature of responsibility, and managerial experience
    2. Leadership experience, evidence/track record of professional success
    3. Communication skills
    4. Motivation to learn and participate in the program
    5. Quality of application and supporting documents
    6. Quality of interview
  • Most candidates are not required to submit CAT, GMAT, or GRE scores. Exceptions are made for individuals who need to demonstrate mastery of necessary quantitative skills. If you believe your test scores will strengthen your application, you are welcome to submit them.

Online Application & Registration

Application materials are accepted in American and British English.

  • Our application for admission is hosted on a third-party system called ‘Apply Yourself’. This online application system is designed to walk you through the required steps, including electronic submissions of your:
    1. - commitment letter
    2. - recommendations for admission forms
    3. - copies of mark sheets
    4. - essays

Once you have registered and created a password, you can save your work repeatedly until you submit your final application. Click to Enquire Now!

  • Please upload copies of degree certificate(s) and mark sheets before submitting the application. You will need to carry official copies with you for the admissions interview.
  • Please provide two complete ‘Recommendation Letter Format’, preferably written by senior-level executives or immediate supervisors. The individuals writing the letters should include their knowledge of your professional achievements; the potential for future managerial success; capacity to handle postgraduate business education; and personal attributes such as motivation, integrity, and leadership ability. If you are self-employed, the recommendations may be from a colleague or client who has worked with you rather than from a supervisor. Please submit the form via email or through the online application system.
  • Please provide a commitment/sponsorship letter from the appropriate officer at your organisation. The letter should describe your employer’s understanding of the time required to complete the program and the organisation’s agreement, if any, for financial support (Sample Commitment Letter). If you are self-employed, write, and submit a statement of self-commitment. Please submit this letter via email or through the online application system.
  • After you have submitted all your supporting documents, a member of the executive MBA admissions team will contact you to schedule a personal interview with the Admissions Committee.
  • Please Note: All letters, transcripts, and mark sheets should be emailed or uploaded along with your online application. Official copies and your passport should be brought with you to your admissions interview.

Application Process

Step 1


  • Updated CV / Resume
  • Three Written Essays
  • Personal Statement
  • Executive Assessment

Step 2

Interview Preparation

    Soft copy of documents:
  • Work experience (based on CV)
  • Education/ Qualification
  • ID proof
    Install applications for interview:
  • Zoom

Step 3


  • Interview with CEO
  • Interview with IIT Bombay Faculty
  • Interview with WashU Faculty

Step 4

Complete Application

  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Sponsor Letter of Commitment

Step 5

Selection & Booking amount

  • Payment of Booking Amount
  • Payment of Installment 1

Deferment Policy

New Admissions: The candidate can defer his/her admission only to the next starting batch and paid booking/Instalment amount shall be adjusted in the fee to be paid at the time of joining the batch. In case the candidate is not able to join the immediate next batch, a candidate needs to undergo the whole selection process once again and paid booking/installment amount will not be considered in the fee.

Ongoing students: Leave of absence

  1. For students that demonstrate a "good reason" to require a pause in their education, we enable them to pause and pick up where they left off with the next cohort. They meet with the CEO and Finance team to understand the tuition implications and then we create a calendar of re-entry.
  2. For students who require a more protracted leave, they would apply for a Leave of Absence or Medical Leave of Absence. The form will be provided by the CEO office to apply for Absence or Medical Leave of Absence.
  3. All the ongoing EMBA students must complete their degree within 7 years.

Please write us at [email protected] for more information.

Refund Policy

a) Application of refund before the commencement of the classes but not after the closure of admission for the concerned program: In case an applicant withdraws before three months of the commencement of the classes but not after the closure of admission for the EMBA program and if the seat consequently falling vacant is filled by a waitlisted candidate (if any) then the booking fee already deposited by the applicant will be refunded with 10% deduction. In case the seat is not filled the amount will not be refunded.

b) Application of refund after the commencement of the classes: In case an applicant withdraws after the commencement of the classes and paid the first installment (including the booking amount) the fee will not be refunded.

c) No refund of First, Second, or Third installments once paid in full or partial before the commencement of the program, during the program, or after completion of the program.

d) Application of refund after the closure of admission for the concerned program, no fee shall be refunded.

Non-payment or Delay of Fees

a) Non-payment of tuition or other charges due to “IITB – WUStL Research and Educational Academy”, IIT Bombay or Washington University in St Louis or otherwise affecting “IITB – WUStL Research and Educational Academy” will prohibit the candidate from receiving certain services.

b) Candidates with outstanding financial obligations to “IITB – WUStL Research and Educational Academy” will not be allowed to register or to obtain transcripts or official verification of enrollment.

c) Any delay(s) in the payment of scheduled fee(s) shall be levied at two (2%) of the semester fee calculated on a monthly basis.

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