At the executive MBA program at IITB-WashU, you get to leverage the unique partnership between these two great institutions. Our program professors come with rich academic, consulting, training, research, and corporate experiences. They care passionately about their teaching, and about making subject matter relatable and accessible to each participant – through class-room discussions, case studies, simulations, applied learning, and one-to-one conversations.


Get to know our top-notch faculty who are experts in their areas. They are poised to prepare you to be the leaders the world needs. Our faculty members are known for their research productivity, with work that is widely published and cited in influential academic journals. They bring this valuable research into the classroom. From them, you’ll acquire business models, thinking practices, and trends ahead of the market place – making it a tremendous advantage for you and your organization.

faculty members

Prof. Nick Argyres
Vernon W. & Marion K. Piper Professor of Strategy

Professor Argyres joined the Olin Business School faculty in 2008. Professor Argyres’ research is focused on topics in organizational strategy: organizational boundaries; contracting and inter-organizational relationships; internal organization structure; technology and organization; organizational dissent. Area of Expertise: Business/ Corporate Strategy, Management Strategy, Critical Thinking, Innovation and Growth, Technology Management, Organizational Design, Organizational Strategy, Business/Corporate Strategy, Critical Thinking, Innovation and Growth, Management Strategy, Organizational Design, Organizational Strategy, Technology Management.

Prof. Daniel Elfenbein
Associate Professor of Strategy

Elfenbein is a member of the Academy of Management and American Economic Association. He has taught in the MBA program at the University of California – Berkeley. He has also worked as an economist for the President’s Council of Economic Advisers. Area of Expertise: Business/Corporate Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Technology Management, Business/Corporate Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Technology Management Research Interests: Governance of complex transactions; markets for intellectual property; innovation and technological change; university-industry technology transfer, incentives in organizations.

Prof. Jackson A. Nickerson
Frahm Family Professor of Organization & Strategy;
Brookings Non-resident Senior Fellow in
Government Studies

Jackson is the Frahm Family Professor of Organization and Strategy at the Olin School at WUStL. His research focuses on leadership issues around why firms choose different organizational structures and the performance implications of these choices; with a special emphasis on knowledge, innovation, and problem formulation. Area of Expertise: Business And Government, Corporate Strategy, Law and Economics, Critical Thinking, Managerial Assessment, Innovation and Growth, Organizational Design. Research Interests: Business strategy organization choice and performance, corporate survival, new institutional economics, intellectual capital management, management of innovation and technology.

Prof. Markus Baer
Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior

Professor Baer expertise lies in the areas of creativity and innovation. He has worked in the German automotive industry and was a member of the founding team of a university-affiliated start-up venture. Area of Expertise: Critical Thinking, Motivation, Innovation and Growth, Organizational Behavior, Team Development, Critical Thinking, Innovation and Growth, Motivation Research Interests: The determinants of the various activities (i.e., problem formulation, idea generation, solution implementation) comprising creativity and innovation in organizations.

Prof. William Bottom
Joyce and Howard Wood Distinguished
Professor of Organizational Behavior

William Bottom studies social and psychological aspects of bargaining, negotiation and group decision making. His current work examines how emotional and relational factors influence the implementation of negotiated agreements. Having previously served as Senior Associate Dean and the Director of the PhD Program at the Olin School, Bottom is also studying the impact of social science on business education and global business practice. Area of Expertise: Business Education, Negotiation, Organizational Change and Development, Business Education, Negotiation, Organizational Change and Development Research Interests: Organizational behavior, behavioral decision theory, negotiation.

Prof. Kurt Dirks
Senior Associate Dean – Programs and Bank of America Professor of Managerial Leadership

Senior Associate Dean – Programs and Bank of America Professor of Managerial Leadership Prior to joining Olin, Professor Dirks served as an assistant professor at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia. Area of Expertise: Management Development, Organizational Change and Development, Management Development, Organizational Change and Development. Research Interests: Organizational behavior, trust in work relationships, feelings of ownership in the workplace, leadership, and teams.

Prof. Lee Konczak
Academic Director, Executive MBA Program
and Senior Lecturer in Organizational Behavior

Lee has taught organizational behavior and human resource management previously at Washington University, Webster University and the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Lee worked at Anheuser-Busch Companies as an internal Human Resource/Organization Development consultant and manager. He also held senior management positions with the Missouri Department of Mental Health. Area of Expertise: Managerial Assessment, Organizational Change and Development, Personnel Selection, Managerial Assessment, Organizational Change and Development, Personnel Selection.Read More..

Prof. Sam Chun
Myron Northrop Professor of Accounting Samuel Chun is Assistant Dean of Executive Programs and Senior Lecturer of Management Practice at the Olin Business School, WUStL.

Samuel Chun is Assistant Dean and Director of Executive Education, Professor of Management Practice at the Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis. He was an Assistant Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School from 1995-2000, where he instructed MBAs, doctoral candidates, and corporate executives in sales, marketing, new product development and general management. He was also an economist and consultant to the United States Department of Labor. Area of Expertise: Management Strategy, Critical Thinking, Innovation and Growth, Business-to-Business Marketing, Pricing, Business Education, Management Development, Training and Development

Prof. Seethu Seetharaman
Director, MS in Customer Analytics; Director,Center of Customer Analytics and Big Data (CCABD) and W. Patrick

Seethu Seetharaman is W. Patrick McGinnis Professor of Marketing, Director of the Center for Customer Analytics and Big Data (CCABD), as well as the Academic Director of the Master of Science in Customer Analytics (MSCA) program, at the Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis. Seethu has taught courses on Marketing Management, Data Analysis, Brand Management, Customer Analytics and Marketing Research to various constituencies. Area of Expertise: Pricing. Research Interests: Econometric Analyses of Scanner Data; Discrete Choice Experiments; Structural Econometric Models of Consumer and Firm Behavior; Models of Customer Lifetime Value (CLV); New Product Diffusion Models.

Prof. Ron King
Myron Northrop Professor of Accounting

Ron is the Myron Northrop Professor of Accounting at Washington University. While at Washington University he has taught accounting courses in the Undergraduate, MBA, and Masters of Accounting Programs. He now focuses his teaching at the Executive MBA level. He has held various administrative positions including Senior Associate Dean of Faculty, Senior Associate Dean of Programs, and the Director of the Center for Experiential Learning. Area of Expertise: Financial Reporting Research Interests: Teaching and learning, and the role of the modern business school. Economic analysis of legal issues in accounting and auditing markets. Economics of information in markets and organizations. Experimental Economics.

Prof. Mahendra R. Gupta
Former Dean and Geraldine J. and Robert L. Virgil Professor of Accounting

Gupta was appointed the dean of the Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis in July 2005. He has served on the Olin faculty since 1990 and in 2004 was named the Geraldine J. and Robert L. Virgil Professor of Accounting and Management. He is a frequent speaker at research workshops and conferences worldwide. Gupta has been a consultant to various firms and government agencies. Gupta’s research has been published in leading academic journals in the United States and abroad. Research Interests: Managerial accounting, strategic cost management and control.

Prof. Todd T. Milbourn
Vice Dean and Hubert C. & Dorothy R. Moog Professor of Finance

Professor Milbourn previously taught at the London Business School and the University of Chicago before coming to Olin. His area of expertise lies in Corporate Finance. His areas of interest in research are Corporate finance, managerial career concerns, management compensation, & economics of asymmetric information. Awards/Honors: Olin Award Winner on Compensation Goals & Firm Performance, Olin Business School, 2016. St. Louis Founder’s Day Distinguished Faculty Award, Washington University, 2015. Marcile and James Reid Chair, Washington University in St. Louis, 2002. MBA Teaching Excellence Award, Indiana University School of Business, 1995. Beta Gamma Sigma since 1996. Phi Beta Kappa member since 1991. Reid Teaching Awards: BSBA 2009, 2011, 2012; Full-Time MBA 2004; EMBA Fudan Class 9; EMBA 22, 23, 24, 25; &HSM IV; Washington University in St. Louis.

Prof. Anjan Thakor
Director of Doctoral Programs and John E. Simon Professor of Finance

Thakor was The Edward J. Frey Professor of Banking and Finance at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, where he also served as chairman of the Finance area. He has served on the faculties of Indiana University, Northwestern University, and UCLA. He also served as an expert witness in many federal cases involving banking litigation. Area of Expertise: Banking and Financial Institutions, Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Innovation and Growth, Banking and Financial Institutions, Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Innovation and Growth. Research Interests: Corporate finance, financial intermediation and economics of asymmetric information.

Prof. James Little
Donald Danforth, Jr. Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Business and Senior Lecturer

Professor Little joined the Washington University faculty in 1971 and served on the faculty of the Department of Economics until 1982 when he joined the faculty of the Olin School. From 1983-89, he served as associate dean for academic affairs. Professor Little also served as Academic Director of the Olin School’s EMBA Program and directed the School’s European Programs. Area of Expertise: Business/Corporate Strategy, International Business, Management Strategy, Monetary Policy, Corporate Finance, Business/Corporate Strategy, Corporate Finance, International Business, Management Strategy, Monetary Policy Research Interests: The study of the implications of globalization for corporate strategies, the economics of the European Union, and regulation of insurance companies..

Prof. John Thomas Horn
Senior Lecturer in Economics

John is the Senior Lecturer in Economics. He was Senior Expert in the Strategy Practice of McKinsey & Company, based out of the Washington, DC, office. He also worked as an economic consultant with The Brattle Group, specializing in economic expert testimony in litigation support, including anti-trust and patent infringement cases. Area of Expertise: Business/Corporate Strategy, Management Strategy, Negotiation, Business/Corporate Strategy, Management Strategy, Negotiation. Research Interests: Competitive Dynamics, Entrepreneurship.

Prof. Vinish Kathuria
Ph.D., Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research (Deemed University), Mumbai

Dr. Vinish Kathuria is a Professor at Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management. His teaching and research activities related to economics mainly in the fields of Industrial Economics, Energy Economics, Economics of Regulation and Economics of pollution. Before joining SJM SOM, he was on Fulbright Senior Researcher fellowship to University of Colorado, Boulder. He has several publications in international journals. He has pursued his post-doc from University of Gothenburg, Sweden in the area of Environmental Economics and PhD internship from United Nations University/Institute for New Technologies (UNU/INTECH), The Netherlands. His thesis was short-listed by UNESCO for its Management of Social Transformation (MOST) award. Area of Interest Economics of Regulation Environmental Economics Productivity Measurement Economics of Technical Change Science, Technology & Industry Policy FDI and Technology Transfer.

Prof. Dinesh Sharma
Fellow, MDI Gurgaon

Prof.Sharma comes with diverse experience in marketing – as practitioner, researcher and teacher. His areas of interest in teaching are marketing strategy, marketing research, brand management, sales and distribution management. His areas of interest in research are marketing strategy, consumer value and brands. He has published papers in many peer-reviewed international journals and also has written case studies. Area of interest: Marketing Research, Executive Training in Marketing.

Prof. T T Niranjan
Fellow, MDI Gurgaon

T. T. Niranjan is an assistant professor of Operations Management at SJMSOM, IIT Bombay. His research focuses on the effects that cognitive biases have on decision-making within OM contexts. He also has introduced the concept of “service triads”, which is emerging as a significant area of research. His concept was published in premium journals. His teaching portfolio includes Operations Management and Supply Chain Management at MBA level. He also teaches these courses in the IITB-WUSTL Joint EMBA. At the PhD-level he teaches the Qualitative Research Methodologies Core and other electives. Area of interest: supply chain management, case study research, service management, ITeS/BPO.

Prof. Ohad Kadan
H. Frederick Hagemann, Jr. Professor of Finance and Associate Dean for Global Degree Programs

Ohad Kadan joined the Olin Business School in 2002. In his research, he studies aspects of liquidity, information, and incentives in markets. He has studied the optimal design of electronic limit order markets. He has also studied the design of compensation contracts for both management and lower-tier employees. His work also includes examinations of the bias analysts have toward the investment banks they research. Area of Expertise: Corporate Finance, Corporate Finance Research Interests: Corporate finance, market microstructure, economics of information, and game theory.

Prof. Panos Kouvelis
Director of The Boeing Center for Supply Chain Innovation and Emerson Distinguished Professor of Operations and Manufacturing Management

Kouvelis has held visiting appointments with the Graduate School of Business, University of Chicago, where he taught in the executive programs in Barcelona, Chicago and Singapore, WHU- Koblenz School of Management, Germany, and Singapore Management University, Singapore. Area of Expertise: International Business, Management Strategy, Technology Management, Supply Chain Management, International Business, Management Strategy. Research Interests: Global supply chain management, operations and finance interfaces, risk management in supply chains, commodity risk management, managing the innovation process, marketing interfaces, product line design, lean manufacturing, inventory control.

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