Redefine Your Career by Upskilling with an Executive MBA


Upskilling is the best move you can make as an ambitious professional. An Executive MBA gives you professional leverage and accelerates your career. Many professionals have witnessed a massive shift in their careers post an EMBA. For anyone who is looking to take that advanced leap in their career, an Executive MBA helps them manifold. An EMBA empowers you with all the knowledge and acumen that you would need to become more responsible as a leader or an entrepreneur. Additionally, this advanced degree enhances your decision-making skills and makes you more strategically sound.

What is an EMBA?

Widely known as an Executive MBA, an EMBA is a post-graduate program that is designed for experienced professionals. It is ideal for professionals who wish to move forward in their careers without taking a sabbatical or a career break. Owing to its flexibility, this program gives professionals the freedom to balance their work as well as their MBA. Besides these benefits, the scope of an EMBA is vast enough to improve the horizons of your career as follows:

Boosts Your Confidence

Every professional goes through a phase in their career when they experience a slump or feel stuck. This often leads to frustration or disappointment. Many professionals also see their self-belief becoming weaker. IIT-B and WUSTL's joint EMBA program provides you global exposure with its advanced pedagogy, seasoned faculty, and ambitious peers. Collectively, pursuing this program can empower you with more knowledge and know-how and shape you into a powerful professional who is ready to break the glass ceiling.

Shapes You as a Leader

For any professional who wishes to step up as a leader or even an entrepreneur, an EMBA presents just the right leverage. From time-management skills to honing your emotional intelligence and shaping your vision to building a powerful team, an EMBA helps you build yourself as a global leader who is equipped to take up new challenges and navigate crises like a global pandemic, recessions and more.

Gets You Better Opportunities

Along with growing as a leader and getting your confidence renewed, an EMBA also opens up many new doors for your career. While salary hikes are one of the obvious perks that an EMBA offers any professional, the network that you build while pursuing it holds indescribable value. This peer network can further help you get access to more career opportunities, find co-founders or even hire new employees for your company. The scope of EMBA is immense and its credibility is being acknowledged by leadership, corporates and start-ups across the globe. If you are ready to take that plunge in your career, then IIT Bombay and Washington University in St. Louis’s joint EMBA program would bolster it.

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