The Art of Negotiation – 5 Points to Consider


Be it for a financial deal, a dire collaboration or for that much-anticipated promotion, we negotiate more than we can comprehend in our daily lives.

While we are at it, we mistake negotiation as a prelude to a do or die battle. By doing so, we complicate our approach to it. It would be rather wise to consider negotiation as a problem-solving exercise, unlike a fight.

The literal definition of negotiation simply means "a discussion aimed at reaching an agreement". Yet, as per The Globe and Mail, negotiations often fail due to ego, inflated emotions, fear, rigidity and also lack of awareness. It also snowballs further as neither of the involved stakeholders are prepped to reach an agreement. Hence, negotiation ends up becoming a mundane process that doesn’t fruition into a positive outcome. Considering these reasons, acing the art of negotiation has become more important than ever before now.

The key to a successful negotiation is to reach a win-win solution for both the stakeholders. But what’s that quintessential art of negotiation? Let’s explore! Being flexible, calm certainly helps while negotiating, yet when we dive deep, these guiding principles can helm all our negotiations, take a look and implement them:

Be Authentic:

Strive to be genuine during negotiations. People always have a knack to differentiate your true nature and your facade. Avoid being fake at all costs. Being manipulative, deceptive, secretive will damage your reputation in the long run. On the other hand, if the other stakeholder is being unethical, disrespectful, you can sense it. Nurturing authenticity therefore never fails one.

Be Kind:

Think through the negotiation as the other stakeholder would. Understand their concerns. You will ruin every negotiation if you just care about yourself. Focus on the long term, comprehend the bigger picture and walk towards a win-win situation. Being a team-player would assist you more than being a pain to the other stakeholder. Negotiations are always about reaching creative consensus rather than cultivating limited thinking.

Build Relationships:

Fruitful negotiations are created through patience and admiration for long-term relationships. Although emotions need to be kept in check, judiciously use them to understand the other person. Continue to be transparent, sincere and honest. Your integrity, discipline would eventually yield into a constructive negotiation. Remember that if the other stakeholder respects you more so as a human then it would translate into trust. Consequently, mutual trust would drive viable negotiations.

Cultivate Respect:

Practice the idea of respecting the other stakeholder in every negotiation. Do not push deals, propositions beyond a point. Listen more, talk less. Keep in mind that silence will give you more time to contemplate, understand. It would also show that you truly respect the concerns of the stakeholder. Always let the negotiation work out its natural flow and never rush it for your vested interests.

Think Beyond Emotions:

There’s a reason why we must keep our inner child at home during negotiations. Because it turns out everyone has one. Imagine if all the involved stakeholders behave like a child and nourish their egos then would one ever reach a consensus? So, find your balance. Behave like a mature professional during negotiations. If you find someone arguing, being unreasonable then lead them by example. Walk the talk and let them understand through your work-ethic.

By following these negotiation tips, you would gradually master its art. Never forget that negotiation starts and ends with relationships. Cultivate authenticity, maturity and respect for everyone who is involved in the process. Rest assured, with time, you would not only attract more opportunities but also emerge as a brilliant negotiator.

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