Three strategies to lead your team towards Excellence.


There is a lot of jargon exchanged when it comes to leadership strategies and team growth. As a leader, if you do not control your narrative and execution then this strategic jargon can quickly become overwhelming. More importantly, when you are leading your team, you need to direct, engage and influence them by setting up clear strategies. The stakes increase when one gets lost in the clutter of ends and means as a leader, hence, you need minimum but effective strategies to lead your team.

The Leadership Test

You need to keep in mind the basics to emerge as a leader for your team.Strategically speaking, the less your leadership hinders your team, the better. Simplifying, delegating and empowering your team is the ultimate challenge for leaders.

Yet, with simple yet thoughtful strategies and their implementation, you can start guiding your team to achieve brilliant outcomes.

To help you get started with the same, we recommend these three core strategies that always stand the test of time when it comes to team building and its growth:

Create a Sense of Purpose

Purpose with action creates a powerful force within a team. However, that starts with you clearly defining it. Leaders usually have a clear picture of the future yet they fail to communicate the purpose that leads them there. Your team can get derailed or feel overwhelmed in the middle of the project if they do not wholly understand the purpose behind it. Guide them regularly and communicate the purpose with them. Your team will thrive on it and execute with a newfound understanding of their deliverables, goals and the overall project.

Communicate with Intent

Avoid speaking without a heart and intent with your team. Keep in my mind that your team looks up to you as their leader. Effective communication, empathy and your commitment to the vision, goals of the entire team will be immediately acted upon by your team. Make communication more heartfelt and passionate. Your team should feel energized and motivated whenever they communicate with you. Conversely, it is okay to show them your vulnerable side once in a while as a leader. Communication, empathy and genuine vulnerability will inspire your team for brilliance without a doubt.

Encourage, Empower and Delegate

Trust your team more than you trust yourself. Keep motivating your team to be more proactive. If you spot a few teammates who are go-getters then entrust them with more responsibility and ownership. Learn to delegate and trust as much as you can until your team does the otherwise. Your team will grow only if they see you trusting them, challenging them and giving them an opportunity to outgrow their potential - a true leader learns all of this with time.

Last but not the least, listen to your instincts as a leader and think about what you would want your leader to do as a team member. Leading a team towards exceptional results is not a herculean task, it just needs intent, understanding, clear thinking and execution. As an emerging leader, we are sure you are on the right path and ready to lead your team towards success!

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